August 2009 Meeting in Waco

THE 173RD AIRBORNE BRIGADE ASSOCIATION CHAPTER 13 Quarterly Meeting: by Harold Brent Secretary/Treasurer

DATE: 15 August 2009

LOCATION: American Legion Post # 121 Waco, TX

Scott Smith President - Present
Augustin Soto Vice Pres. - Present
Harold Brent Sec./Treas. - Present
Eric Hitchcock National Pres., Chapter Past President - Present
Gary Granade National Treas., Chapter Past President - Present
Manny Mermea Chapter Past President - Excused
Dusty Jarnagin Chapter Past President - Excused
Robert Gonzalez Sergeant at Arms - Present
John Rolfe Editor Newsletter - Present

I. ROLL CALL: The meeting was called to order at 1310 HRS by Chapter President Scott Smith.

The Invocation was given by James Lazo.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Augustin Soto
An opening statement was made by Chapter President Scott Smith.
Introductions were made the members. A rough headcount of approximately 24 members and about 10 guests.

Meeting minutes from the quarterly meeting in San Antonio were tabled. It was voted on and and passed. Minutes were not read.
Meeting minutes from the quarterly meeting in Kerrville were read by Harold, a motion was made to approve by Sony and seconded by Jim Pfeil, was voted on and passed.

III. REPORTS of OFFICERS Chapter President - Scott Smith.
It has been a successful year. Support of members should continue.

Past National President - Eric Hitchcock
Gave a general overview of the National Reunion at Daytona Beach on 29 July - @ Aug 2009. Fun was had by all.
The focus was on the Association Foundation -
Increase the New Brigade participation -
Continue to raise money to support the Troops,
The Gold Star Mothers and Scholarships,
The Active Brigade has a new Sgt Major who is a outstanding Soldier.
The Sigholtz Award and
The Color Guard
The Brigade has a new Command Sgt Major who is one of the best. He lost a son in one of the first battles in Afghanistan

A. Financial Report read by Harold Brent, account as of:
08/01/2008 $ 8,234.26
Kerrville Meeting 05/01/2009 $ 8,362.86
08/03/2009 $ 4,885.80

EXPENDITURES (May to July 2009)
Annual & Yearly Fees to National $ 386.00
BBQ Grill $ 750.00
Motorcycle Renovation $1,139.00
173rd Wall Plaques $ 800.00
Chapter Bulletin-Stamps & Mail-outs $ 332.06
Nat'l Reunion Display Table $ 75.00
National Scholarship Fund $1,173.00
Gold Star Mothers $ 500.00
173rd Chapter Coins $1,020.00
2009 Motorcycle Tickets $ 119.00
Total $ 6,307.06

Misc Deposits $ 100.00
Raffle Ticket Sales $1,320.00
Raffle Ticket Sales $1,460.00
Total $2,880.00

The report was discussed; a motion was made by John Barthelemy to approve and seconded by Bud Sourjohn. It was voted on and passed.

A. Scholarships - Chairman Dusty Jarnigan. No report. Tabled until next meeting.
B. Fund Raisers -
HEB - Paul Reed has about 500 cards to pass out to members.
KROGERS - No longer valid
1999 Yamaha Motorbike Raffle
Tom Thumb - Paul Reed will check out.

C. Regional Representatives
" Killeen/ Central Texas- Scott Smith- VA has all kinds of National Pharmaceuticals available for Veterans.
" San Antonio- Manny Mermea/ Frank Martinez- Frank stated that he had the honor of receiving a 173rd Bde flag flown over Afghanistan from HHC 4th Bn - He coordinated the presentation to the San Antonio Chapter of the Silver Wings Assn. They were to fly the flag for 30 days.
The cased flag is on display at the Drop Zone.
" A poster was presented at the meeting and a motion was made by Gary seconded by Eric, voted on and passed, to have the poster professionally framed for display.
" Houston- Gary Granade/ Eric Hitchcock- No report
Houston members continue to meet periodically.

" Valley Area- Augustin Soto/ Santiago Krummel-
Violence from Mexico continues to increase.

" Dallas/ Ft. Worth- Dusty Jarnigan/ Bud Sourjohn - No report

" Gold Star Mothers- Susan -
Flowers are still sent to graveyards by the Chapter.
National sends flowers yearly.
The Chapter is keeping up with the current Brigade.
Gold Star pins - $ 10.00 donations

A. Motorcycle Raffle was very successful. Mike Torres of San Antonio won.
Additional Raffle ticket Sales: Check from Scott $ 2,950.00
Other $ 130.00
$ 3,080.00
B. Our Chapter website is currently under-utilized. An effort to update the member database, bring more attention to the potential of this site, and make our newsletter less expensive via e-mail will make this valuable tool in the future. John Barthelemy continues to do a great job.

C. The 2011 National Reunion is in San Antonio. Jim Pfeil stated that Dusty has the Ft. Worth Documents as a go - by. Scott stated that we need to get organized and solidify our committees.
Reunion Chairman - Needs to be from San Antonio
Robert Gonzales volunteered to take care of

Reunion Meetings need to be scheduled
A 2010 mid-June meeting should be scheduled

Cowboy hats were discussed

Eric - Special Forces @ San Antonio????

General Bethke is from San Antonio and should be contacted - Scott

D. Sonny's shirt was mentioned
$ 3,000 from a raffle at $10.00 per ticket, $ 5.00 to go to Chapter

A. The following chapter meeting were scheduled:

Gary Granade's Ranch October 3, 2009 Firm
February___, 2010 No commitment by Chapter
May ___, 2010 No commitment by Chapter
August __, 2010 No commitment by Chapter
B. National Reunions
2010 Myrtle Beach, S.C.
2011 Texas Tentative - Commitment by Chapter

A. Eric Hitchcock -
Wounded Warrior week-end was again very successful with the Chapter supporting the event. 200 Vets from across the country were flown to Houston to a Welcoming Committee and an Honor Guard. They were escorted by a Military Mounted Patrol, Constables, and motorcycle riders. The Houston Police Department escorted them in a Presidential Motorcade to the City Limits.
They stopped for lunch and then on to Port O'Conner where they were welcomed by about 100 citizens. They were escorted through all Counties.
God Bless America was played at a 5 acre American Flag display. There was a fly over.
The Veterans had a great time on the fishing boats.
They were served breakfast. Then at a BBQ dinner reception they were presented plaques.
Miss USO was there escorted by Eric Hitchcock. She was very affectionate with the troops.

B. Lt Kyle Marcum who attended the San Antonio meeting in Feb was present. He has been promoted to Captain.

C. There are still eight 173rd Members going through treatment in San Antonio

D. Gold Star Federal Program
Mothers - Mr. Lazato

E. Only active Skysoldiers members can be Lifetime members and vote.

A. The 50/50 raffle was won by Eric Hitchcock $_____/2 = $______to the Texas Chapter.

B. Raffles:

C. Auction for the national Foundation: By Eric
Deck of cards $ 50.00
T-Shirt $ 20.00 Scott
T-Shirt $ 20.00 Harold
From Cmd Sgt Major Wounded Warrior Jersey $100.00 Susan
Reunion cap $ 20.00
Australian XXIIV Coin $ 20.00 Barbara


A. The next meeting is scheduled to be at Waco on Aug 15, 2009.
B. Details will follow in the Chapter News Letter.
C. The invocation was given by James Lazo
D. Meeting was ended by Scott Smith at 1620 hours.
E. A general bull session followed.